Nigeria @58: Group urges Nigerians to speak against criminality

SUSO during a press conference urging Nigerians to stand against criminality
SUSO during a press conference urging Nigerians to stand against criminality

A Civil Society Organisation, Stand Up Speak Out initiative (SUSO) on Tuesday called on Nigerians to speak out against acts of criminality by people defrauding the nation.

The Convener and president of the group Mr Doyle Edeni made the call at the launch of the Stand Up Speak out Initiative in Abuja.

Edeni said that the biggest problem confronting Nigeria and her people was her perception as a nation with no values and direction due bad people who are in the minority

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According to him, more than 80 percent of Nigerians are good people but the less than 20 per cent that are bad are caving a wrong name for the nation.

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“We are launching a citizen project to call on Nigerians to rise up to their responsibilities as citizens and speak out against those who are determined to pull our nation down.

“SUSO condemns crime and criminality in all its forms whether perpetrated by fellow citizens or foreigners.

“Our organisation shall work to disavow those citizens who act in concert with thier foreign collaborators to undermine the interest of the country and its people.

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“Jobs with basic skill sets should be the exclusive preservation of Nigerians as practised by all civilized nations around the world.”

Edeni said that Nigerians were always discriminated against abroad and decried the situation where Nigerians discriminate against themselves even in Nigeria.

He said that SUSO had decided to take it up and say enough is enough adding that it was time to stand up and speak out and rise to be counted in the fight against criminality.

Edeni said that Nigeria would not be reformed overnight but the current challenges presented a good opportunity for a fresh start.

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Also speaking, Ms Ibiera Dateme, Secretary, Board of Trustee, SUSO said that the main objective of the citizens project was to re-orientate Nigerians on the values of the nation.

She said that it was time to reawaken national consciousness of the citizens by giving voices to Nigerians with integrity.

Dateme said these Nigerians would be torch lighted to show other Nigerians that there were still good and hardworking people in Nigeria who do excel even without connection as believed by people.

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